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Air Conditioning Service/Repair

Air Conditioning Service/Repair

Air Conditioning Service and Repair from I75 Pierson Automotive in Franklin and Middleton, OH. Recover, Evacuation, Recharge Service.

Even if your vehicles A/C system seems to be cooling we recommend that annually you have the system checked and oil service for long lasting dependable operation and protection for the hard working and costly compressor that controls the systems refrigerant suction and pressure required to keep you cool in the hot summer months and also to help with windshield and window defogging. Most services start at $69.99 ask us about our specials.!! Read below for more in depth information on your vehicles A/C System.

Did you know that without regular maintenance an air conditioner loses about 5% of its original efficiency per year? This means that without proper maintenance, your air conditioning unit may be performing as poorly as other models that are years older! But there is good news; you can still recover most of that lost efficiency. Schedule an appointment with one of our factory-trained professionals—we understand all aspects of AC repair, from modern computerized components to environmental disposal concerns. Turn to us, your qualified source for everything related to your air conditioning system. If you need to have you air conditioning serviced, check out our coupon section for a special deal! The following is a brief schematic of some of the basic components that comprise this system:

  • The compressor is a belt-driven device that compresses refrigerant gas and transfers it into the condenser. The compressor is the core of your vehicle's air conditioning system.
  • The condenser's primary function is to cool the refrigerator. The condenser dissipates heat released by compressed gases and condenses them into high pressure liquids.
Receiver (Drier):
  • The receiver is a metal container that serves as a storage receptacle for the refrigerant; also known as a drier because it absorbs moisture from the refrigerant and filters out harmful debris and acids. You should change your drier every 3-4 years to ensure quality filtration and prevent any chemical damage.
Orifice Tube/Expansion Valve:
  • The orifice tube (also known as the expansion valve) is a controlling mechanism that regulates refrigerant flow throughout the system. It also converts high pressure liquid refrigerant (from the condenser) into low pressure liquid, so that it can enter the evaporator.
  • The evaporator removes heat from the inside of your vehicle. The evaporator allows the refrigerant to absorb heat, causing it to boil and change into a vapor. When this occurs, the vapor leaves the evaporator through the compressor, cooling your car and reducing humidity. The evaporator houses the most refrigerant in the heat transfer process and harmful acids can corrode it. This corrosion typically damages the evaporator beyond repair.
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